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Nonprofit Association pro Culture, Education and Psychology for infants and adolescents.

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The Board of Directors 2017:

  • Courtney Borquet (EEUU-CR), President
  • Laetitia Deweer (Belgium-CR), Vice President
  • Simona Danielle (Italia-CR), secretary
  • Victoria Zoch (CR), Fiscal
  • Natalia Gallegos (CR), treasurer
  • Melina d’Alolio (CR), Vocal 1
  • Isabelle Vandevelde (Belgica-CR), Vocal 2
  • Annginette Arroyo (CR) , Vocal 3

Founding members (2005) are:

Laetitia Deweer, Lotje De Ridder, Caroline Lemaire, Van Salcedo, Gerardo Brenes Alfaro, Isabelle Vandevelde, Juliana Zuñiga Spano, Victor Ruiz Genoves.